Paul C. Stokes

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Paul C. Stokes is the founder of eNewsletterSolutions, an email newsletter service provider that has been successfully helping thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations incorporate email newsletters into their internet marketing strategy since 2004.

5 Essential Components to Optimal Physical Fitness

18th September 2009
If you look up the words "physical fitness" in several dictionaries, you will get several definitions that are similar, but not identical. But, the one common theme you will see is "a state of well-being in which performance is optimal, often as a result ... Read >

The 7 Types of Email Marketing You Should Know About

18th September 2009
Email marketing has become such a generic term that it conjures up different things to different people. Some people might imagine a catalog of new products from their favorite hobby store, while others might think of a cool postcard they received from a ... Read >